Lewis and Clark & We Turn The Corner



President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803. Napoleon had retaken the territory from Spain, who had taken it from France, who had taken it from Spain, who had taken it from France, got all that? His Royal Shortness was a little low on cash and was preparing to go to war with England. Jefferson was looking to buy New Orleans and vicinity, Napoleon, knowing a “pilgrim” when he saw one, snookered ‘ole Tom into buying all 828,000 square miles for 15 million dollars.
Lewis and Clark spent the next two years tramping their way 4,142 miles to the Pacific Coast. So we went to see where they went.

We took the two lane (US 26) out of Portland to the northwest and the coast:

IMG_6327aIMG_6329a IMG_6331a IMG_6332a IMG_6335a IMG_6343a

We arrived in Astoria and found a bridge:

IMG_6345aIMG_6348a IMG_6350a IMG_6351a


Went over the bridge into Washington:



View from the bridge:






through the tunnel …








to the Lewis and Clark Trail. (not sure if they had the bridge and tunnel back then)



Along the Trail:

IMG_6377aIMG_6378a IMG_6381a IMG_6383a





We were welcomed to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center by the Chinook. (and I thought the Chinook was just a helicopter)









There was a message from Tom Jefferson, too.








Cape Disappointment?? What’s with that? Who was disappointed?  Why is that Capt’n Ron?  Nobody knows . Or maybe it was:

One account has it that the cape was named on April 12, 1788 by British fur trader John Meares who was sailing south from Nootka in search of trade. After a storm, he turned his ship around just north of the Cape and therefore just missed the discovery of the Columbia River.

Missed it by “that much“.





Fort Canby is also at Cape Disappointment:










View from the Cape:


The Interpretive Center:



Cape Center



One of the State Park Rangers was from Michigan. Maybe he followed the Trail, too.



We followed US 101 up the Washington coast to the intersection of 101 and Washington 107 near Aberdeen. This was our turn to the east and the beginning of our way home.

IMG_6395aIMG_6397a IMG_6399a IMG_6400a













… the Big Turn




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