Sleeping in the BARN



We are in Leesburg, Va  staying with our friend Marina Genn.



Well, we’re really staying in Marina’s BARN.


How do you describe Marina? Words sometimes come up short. I met her years ago in the Ford dealership in Clio. She was this crazy German, down from Canada, trying to buy a car in Michigan with a European drivers licence and she needed insurance. Creative thinking eventually got her into her new Ford and we have been friends ever since. But that’s not the whole story, not by a long shot.

Marina is a horse person, she is a world class trainer and dressage competitor, Canadian Grand Prix Champion, having trained under some of the finest horse people in the world. A dog person, she has rescued and placed well over 100 dogs and keeps a small troop of them at her home. A child person, she developed Camp Koda where children can learn horsemanship literally from the ground up.  A developer person, she and her companion Chris are in the process of building 18 or so homes around her property that will eventually have a playground, small lake and possible membership in her American Academy of Equestrian Sciences. And that’s just this week. Click on the link below to see Marina.

Anyway back to the barn. Marina has graciously allowed us to stay here as long as we keep the place clean, and as you can see I sweep while Mary takes the pictures.



The barn is pretty nice though.

Our room:

No, not really. Marina built a couple of apartments into the “barn” plus a meeting room floor. The apartments are occupied by employees and we had a nice pull-out bed in the meeting room, plus shower and bathroom.

We went to Middleburg, Va yesterday. Drove with the top down for the first time on the trip. Sorry about that.  Middleburg is where millionaires are are considered “middle class”. We had lunch there though -there goes the rest of your inheritance boys!



She showed us where she will be building her new “office” when the housing development get going. It is right above a small creek and will be a pretty view come spring.



Here are some more shots around the farm:

Couple of quick vidios:

Coming in the barn                 Mary

On to Richmond!! I mean Hardyville and Chuck and Barie’s