Sedona, Arizona

After a rather long hiatus from working on our trip blog we’re back on the road again heading away from Ben & Bette’s (who, despite what you may have heard are truly wonderful people).



On the way to Sedona, B & B had suggested that we check out some Indian ruins. (Yea, I know PC is Native American but in my own warped mind I consider native to mean always been there and while “native Americans” have been here quite a spell, there is that land bridge thing so how ’bout I just go with tribal?)  So the Tribal ruins called Montezuma Castle are pretty cool and are some of the best preserved of the pueblo ruins.

Some pics:

and a couple of vids: Castle and Arizona Sycamore

Moving on:







The sign to Sedona.  Sedona was named after Sedona Arabelle Miller Schnebly (1877–1950), the wife of Theodore Carlton Schnebly, the city’s first postmaster, who was celebrated for her hospitality and industriousness   Bet you didn’t know that, huh!


Sedona is also famous for the “Red Rocks of Sedona”. As we drove north to the town we began to see why:

We stopped at the Red Rock Ranger Station to stretch our legs and snap a few more pics.

With our legs a little longer we headed into town.

Did I mention its a ways into town?

Finally!! And what’s with that little red car??


We didn’t have time to “do” Sedona, so we parked and had lunch at the Oaxaca Rooftop Cantina. Oaxaca is the name of one of Mexico’s 31 states. Bet ya didn’t know that,either.




The rooftop.








The view




We met this couple who lived just down the road (they took this picture) who were celebrating his birthday (sorry no picture) and they invited us to stay the night at their house – maybe next time.

With lunch over it was time to hit the road.

Between Sedona and Flagstaff is Oak Creek Canyon. 13 miles of cliffs, waterfalls, falling rocks, great scenery and hair pin curves – just the place for a Jag convertible.

South entrance to Oak Creek Canyon.



Up the Canyon:


Little video on the way up Oak Creek Canyon.



At the top Mary pointed out something we haven’t seen for awhile.






There was a little ‘flea” market at the pull off and we bought T-shirts and a Christmas ornament from the indians.





Mary takes a brave – but quick peek at where we came from.


Where we came from:



On to Flagstaff and the really BIG hole in the ground.